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Recent Blog Posts


By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Following the correct procedures really does matter under Florida Law. Notably, trial courts often make mistakes subject to appeal. Our firm just secured a reversal of an order entered by the Trial Judge refusing to vacate a clerk’s default and quashing service of process. Although many times a lengthy process, appeals are necessary to… Read More »

We welcome Sanjiv G. Patel, Esquire as a senior associate attorney to the team.

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Sanjiv G. Patel, Esq. is an associate for Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team.  He is a member of the Florida Bar, and has been a member of the Florida Land Title Association (and its Forms Committee), as well as the Title Issues & Standards, Title Insurance & Title Insurance Liaison Committees of the Real… Read More »



By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

On December 2, 2002, Palm Beach Circuit Judge Kastrenakes entered a 24 page final judgment requiring a Boca Raton condominium association to make certain requested records available to a unit owner. The court found that the Association did not have a legal right to withhold requested documents from the designated attorney/agent for the unit… Read More »

Attorney Andrew M Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz has been named as a 2022 Top Lawyer in Commercial Litigation by the Boca Raton Observer

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Prominent Boca Raton Attorney Andrew M. Schwartz, Esq. has been named and acknowledged as a 2022 top lawyer in commercial litigation by the Boca Raton Observer.  Our firm congratulates Mr. Schwartz on this acknowledgment and his achievement.


Governor Ron DeSantis issued a FOURTH Executive Order on Florida Evictions and Foreclosures During COVID-19

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

On July 29, 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis entered Executive Order #2020-180 extending the foreclosure and eviction moratorium previously ordered on April 2, 2020. However, Governor DeSantis made significant modifications to the moratorium as it relates to mortgage foreclosures and eviction relief. The Executive Order #20-94, entered at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, suspended… Read More »

First Party Property Insurance Claims: Not Knowing What Your Insurance Policy Actually Says Can Hurt You.

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Insurance policies are, first and foremost, contracts. Florida law can be very nuanced as it relates to interpretation and enforcement of contractual provisions, and in particular, insurance policies. What may seem to be clear and unambiguous language in a provision outlining what are and are not “covered losses” under an insurance contract can become… Read More »


By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

In preparing to try any legal case, be it civil or criminal, one thing that can often be overlooked as the trial date approaches is the need to ensure that each element of each claim to be presented at trial is supported by actual admissible evidence. An invaluable tool for any defending party is… Read More »

The AMS Legal Team is proud to share with everyone that our associate attorney, Corey Amanda Cawthon, Esq., has just been elected as one of Broward’s newest County Court Judges!

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Corey prevailed in the General Election race for Broward County Court, Group 9. We extend our best wishes for Corey and look forward to seeing her take the Broward judicial bench in January 2019.

The Truth Matters: How Fabricating Documents Can Kill A Case

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

No matter how knowledgeable or skillful your lawyer may be, he or she (like the rest of us) works with what you, as the client, provide.  That means that your lawyer will take the good facts you provide, along with the bad, and then give the best advice possible under the circumstances. Along with… Read More »

You can be Certain of Uncertainty…

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Now that the Florida Supreme Court’s written opinion has been issued in Bartram v. U.S. Bank Nat. Ass’n (SC14-1265), most believe that some measure of “clarity” has been given in the foreclosure universe as to how, and under what circumstances, Florida’s statute of limitation (F.S. §95.11(2)(c)) applies in successive actions brought to foreclose on… Read More »