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Monthly Archives: February 2023


By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Following the correct procedures really does matter under Florida Law. Notably, trial courts often make mistakes subject to appeal. Our firm just secured a reversal of an order entered by the Trial Judge refusing to vacate a clerk’s default and quashing service of process. Although many times a lengthy process, appeals are necessary to… Read More »

We welcome Sanjiv G. Patel, Esquire as a senior associate attorney to the team.

By Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team |

Sanjiv G. Patel, Esq. is an associate for Andrew M. Schwartz Legal Team.  He is a member of the Florida Bar, and has been a member of the Florida Land Title Association (and its Forms Committee), as well as the Title Issues & Standards, Title Insurance & Title Insurance Liaison Committees of the Real… Read More »